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We are a technology company in Tarpon Springs, FL.
Other than an observer and investments we have no current involvement in the Cannabis or Hemp industry. Our owner is a graduate of U of I with a degree in Agriculture (Dairy Science and minor in Ag Finance).

Industrial Use:

We decided to create this site to track information that we believe is interesting in the battles over the legalization of these plants and there usage. While there are many ethical issues with this discussion it is a very compelling topic in our social, economical, political, industrial and medical environments.  In Steve’s studies in his agricultural studies he has seen the uses of may plants in the production of food, medicine and industrial products. Due to the bans in the US we have not been able to research many of the principals of these plants and it is truly a loss of our own education and advancement in the US.  Our ignoring of these plants and often our attempt to create artificial or chemical substitutes have caused us often to forget that nature provides many solutions for us.  Hemp produces a fiber that is easy to grow and has huge potential uses from industrial to clothing.  Why are we not looking at these as possible new products for US production. A real irony in this is that we can develop products made from hemp imported from outside of the US.  Why should we have to import what are farmers can produce in the US it is bad enough that we send Hi Tech jobs, Customer Service Jobs, Medical coding and reading jobs,  just to list a few abroad. So why don’t we begin to fight for reasons why jobs should stay here.

Medical Use:

We have yet to tap the possibility of medical usage again mostly because of the bans applied in US testing. It is a scheduled narcotic. This may be one of the foolish decisions our government has made in years and they do not seem to want to change. While many countries have proven that there may be benefits in endless medical conditions using Cannabis and Hemp oils.  If Cannabis can reduce the use of  far worse pain killer that are even more addictive then Cannabis shouldn’t we look at this as an alternative not to mention we might reduce the dependencies on the large conglomerate Pharmaceutical Industry.  Now we are not trying to paint the Pharmaceuticals as always bad,  much of there research has developed life saving and prolonging products that allow many to live normal lives when they could have died.  But this industry was once based on compounding and discovering new medicines from natural occurring vegetation, molds, fungi etc. Now one issue that the Industry may have against this is that they could lose control of the ability to make huge profits on Cannabis and Hemp so what they also lose money on Generics and Imported medicines.   The good thing about these plants is they can be grown almost anywhere by almost anybody.  It is time that the government stops listening to lobbyists and start looking at what may be good for their constituents.  Natural and Herbal remedies can often be found for many illnesses and they should not just be disregarded because they are not being pumped out by the Pharmaceutical Industry.   Another argument that may arise from this is well there is no control on quality but ultimately there is and it is the same one we should all exercise don’t buy products from those that deliver inferior products and have a bad reputation. We don’t always need “Bi Brother” to protect us we need to use common sense. We also need to not blame others for our own stupidity.  Organic herb and vegetable gardening is happening all over unregulated and you don not often here about neighbors killing each other with products that are covered with listeria, E.coli, etc. In the real world we are taught as consumers to wash, prepare and protect our produce, important lessons consumers need to remember.  And for those of you who are not impressed with organic only that’s ok the same lessons apply to you. Unfortunately in the so called non-organic market we do find fertilizers, pesticides but most farmers are not trying to make people sick and for years we seemed to be OK.  The reason for the so called not organic method was to allow the farmer to produce more product to feed more people and get products to market fresh.  As farms disappeared and cities grew, transportation improved the challenges of getting product to market in fresh usable form got tougher.  Not to go on with t he argument of Organic vs Non-Organic the issue here is either type of growers have to find ways to feed and prevent attack on there plants and ensure safe for human consumption.

Recreational Use:

Initially the first thought is this is my body and I can do anything I want with it. To some degree that should sum it up the government should probably not have as much control on what we do to ourselves as it tries to control.  So the first issue here is to ensure that you freedom to do what you want to do does not interfere or injure others.  This argument will be a long drawn argument and due to conflicting research an answer may never be found.  Like alcohol, smoking cannabis usage should be treated the same way.  Our government has even gone to far possibly on wiping out the Tabaco industry. While we can all identify that cigarettes may be bad for our health, should they be banned from as many places that they are. Education of its users may get people to stop if they want to and may over time be more effective that brute force.  The brute force methods make people more likely to be defiant. Cannabis may not even have enough research at least in the US to neither accept it or condemn it. What it does have is a horrible stigma attached to it that may not be valid. So people get High, they also drink to feel good we no longer out law that.  How are we ever going to decide what is right or wrong if we only take a one-sided approach.


The author of this article is not a recreation or medical user, he is an investor in publicly traded companies that are involved in this industry including pharmaceutical’s that are researching Cannabis and Hemp.

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