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Legalized Recreational in Illinois

As of January 1st, 2020 Marijuana use is legal in Illinois. By the end of the week there was a shortage of Recreational weed. Nice start Illinois.  

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CBIS plans opening of 1st of two pharmacies

…Pharmacies in California. These pharmacies will be managed through the use of a Pharmacy Automation and Inventory Tracking System…

Happy 4-20 2017

Happy 4-20 day

Canada Tokyo Smoke expanding into US

Canadian acquisition in the Cannabis news In some cool cannabis collaboration news, on-the-rise lifestyle brands Tokyo Smoke and Van der Pop have officially joined forces. Tokyo Smoke, which is moving toward U.S. expansion from its Toronto headquarters, has acquired Van der Pop, a Seattle-based company with a female-focused line of smoking accoutrements. Financial details were […]

Canada aims for pot legalization in 2017

Guess the Canadians see what the US government doesn’t.   MONTREAL — Canada is moving to legalize pot in 2017, but dont expect it to become a new Amsterdam for Americans hoping to get a legal high just across the northern border. Canada’s Liberal Party government will introduce a law next spring to legalize recreational […]

Recreational marijuana to carry on in Nevada, say Sandoval and lawmakers, despite federal threat – Las Vegas Sun News

That was always an issue — it’s illegal under federal law…

Weed Stem Tea

…is an ancient and highly effective traditional medicine for multiple purposes in many cultures around the world.

Federal crackdown on legal weed coming? Fox News

With just a few sentences Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer sent shockwaves through the legal recreational marijuana industry …

Cannabis continues to get mainstream

Innovative Industrial Properties plans to sell 8.75 million shares …

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