Weed Stem Tea

Alternative idea to smoking

Simple tea recipe

The article suggests decarboxylation but the included video does not discuss it. For a simple way to decarboxylation check out this link as well from the theweedblog.  The video is not that informative but it is a classic example of a stoner on camera.


Weed stem tea, like any weed tea, is an ancient and highly effective traditional medicine for multiple purposes in many cultures around the world. As one of the oldest medicines, this form of cannabis consumption supposedly started with the mythical Chinese sage emperor Shennong, 5,000 years ago.

Source: Weed Stem Tea – How To Make It Plus Everything You Need To Know – Red Eyes Online

The right tools

Don’t waste all of your tea missing the cup regardless of what type of tea you are using. There is always a kitchen gadget to assist from tea strainers to simple strainers use the right tools.

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