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Canada Tokyo Smoke expanding into US

Canadian acquisition in the Cannabis news In some cool cannabis collaboration news, on-the-rise lifestyle brands Tokyo Smoke and Van der Pop have officially joined forces. Tokyo Smoke, which is moving toward U.S. expansion from its Toronto headquarters, has acquired Van der Pop, a Seattle-based company with a female-focused line of smoking accoutrements. Financial details were […]

SEC Charges ‘King Of Pot’ With Investment Fraud

Greed the downfall of good ideas If all charges are true this is an example of how greed can turn good ideas into bad and bad ideas even worse.  There are many companies evolving in the Cannabis and Hemp trade some will make it some will be absorbed into others, and many will just fail. […]

Is Warren Buffett Getting Into The Marijuana Industry? – The Weed Blog

… members of ‘traditional business’ scoffed at the marijuana industry…

Drug Enforcement Administration Will Not Call for Reclassifying Marijuana – NBC News

… it will not call for reclassifying marijuana …

Medical Marijuana, Inc. Launches New Hiring Drive for Sales Professionals

…Rapidly Growing Sales Team For New Markets Including Latin America San Diego…

Paraguay Government Grants Historic Import Permit for Medical Marijuana, Inc.s Real Scientific Hemp Oil(TM) Into Paraguay for Treatment of Epilepsy – MarketWatch

Paraguay Government Grants Historic Import Permit ….

4 marijuana stats that will blow you away

Cannabis is enjoying a major public-image improvement

Stop the violence over drugs well at least Pot. to the point you good buy the seeds or starter plants at your local garden center …

Hemp Meds counterpoint about CBD-Only laws.

…Eleven other states have since enacted cannabidiol (CBD)-only laws – but industry insiders want consumers to take a closer look at problems that these CBD-only laws create….

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