Stop the violence over drugs well at least Pot.

Would making marijuana legal to the point you good buy the seeds or starter plants at your local garden center be a way to stop the war at least for the pot turf.  Think about it you could grow your own plants are buy them from local farmers, no back alley deals. You would not have to seek a supply chain from outside the country and you could even grow it yourself like sunflowers and pickles (cucumbers). I know some areas are not conducive to growing the plan, and others will be ingenious and use indoor techniques.  It seems simple. Once the product is commoditized so badly the profits drop and the people in it for a quick buck move on and look for their next big score.

OK, so what’s in it for the state and government. There still can be laws to how many plants or acres are grown based on the type of production and purpose, and taxes can be set on seeds, plants and consumables sold at the retail and wholesale levels. Companies and law enforcement will have to establish methods for differentiating intoxication levels so that it can be determined how sober or non-sober a person is.  This will allow fair or at least an attempt at fair treatment for DUI type issues. It is strange but one can drive impaired by alcohol up to the legal limit, but in most states if you just smell like you smoked pot you can get busted.

I know this plan is too simple, but shouldn’t laws be simple. It should be easy enough that a person with a simple education can understand the rules and not require a committee of hundreds of lawyers to sift through the rhetoric.  Laws are supposed to be by the people and for the people, although the truth is it is often intended to control the people and manipulate them by the few.


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Again, many will be surprised by my position as I do not smoke or use marijuana but over many years there does not seem to be the harmful effects like cigarettes and we have yet had much opportunity to tap into the helpful aspects of the plant.  It probably is time to lift the prohibition off of this plant and let law enforcement do other productive things than chase  someone down because they own some paraphernalia or even have a joint.  It is also time to look past the stereotypes of the pot-head, stoners.

I know another argument of my simple law is that you would not be able to control minors having access to these “Drugs”, so says the Sheriff of Polk County FL. You know he is absolutely right.

Head in the sand.

Head in the sand.

What stops your kid from taking Aspirin, Oxy, Codeine, Vicadin, Vodka, and many other chemicals you have in your home today, “Good Parenting”. Even good parenting fails bud educating your children about this both in home and in school is a better start than hiding it, locking people up and ignoring that it exists.  Yes, the Ostrich with its head in the ground does not fix the problem either. But it takes people interacting with each other and tolerance to solve issues like these.  Let’s face even if Alcoholism, Addiction, Obesity are all diseases locking people up does not solve the problem, nor does complete denial especially in the case of Obesity work because you have to consume calories some how. Wouldn’t it be ironic some day if it turned out that derivatives of Marijuana could help fight Obesity, even if it could it would be hard under our current laws to discover this relationship.

I hope this proves to be good food for thought.  Who knows maybe some day my Agricultural degree will come in handy.
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