Should prescription drugs be illegal?

I hope this headline got you to visit the site. It is Election week soon and Florida will be voting on the legalization of medical marijuana.  So get your butt’s out of the chair and go vote.  I could careless if you voter for Dick or Charlie but lets see what you have to say on amendment #2.  If there is a chance of making a difference in the way this country gets things done, here is Florida’s chance to show us what it’s got.  I have said before as the author of this blog I am a non-user, but I support the idea of natural compounds for healing.  So if there is a medicinal effect from “Pot” then support it. If you believe there is no benefit than don’t.

So why open with the question should selling prescription drugs be illegal.  Some of the language in the bill talks about how the caregiver may not be held responsible for the pot, and law enforcement believes this is a loophole to prevent dealers from being held accountable.  So if pharmacists unknowingly sell Oxy to someone who is not using the drug the way it  is to be used should the pharmacist be arrested.  You will essentially say this metaphor is absurd, and maybe it is but unless can prove intent you can not try either. In the case of the pharmacist unless hew knowingly or is willingly selling for the wrong reason he is not guilty. If a caregiver is a suspected dealer then the legal system would have to have evidence that proves the individual is not acting solely as a caregiver.  And, I am willing to bet that a dealer is going to have way more quantity, and also should have evidence that they are indeed selling the pot to individuals that are not entitled under that prescription.  Sure what one does with there bud after they have it is hard to trace, but you can say the same for the underground Oxy trade and yet we still allow prescriptions of  Oxy to be written.

I know not all of my conclusions may make sense but at this point the sale of marijuana is probably not much different than Cigarettes, Liquor, Adult Magazines.  Oh and by the way all of these items can fall into the hands of children if left out and unsupervised so these items should not be sold either. Soon we will only be able to shop for Guns & Butter,  and economics joke but Guns would be illegal to so now what to we have to compare with the sale of Butter?

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