Federal crackdown on legal weed coming? Fox News

Is the new Administration going to step up Federal Law.

Should states have their own rights?

Many states have already moved on recreational use and medical use. Should the government get involved and step up their game. Maybe the new administration should take lead from its own actions. They believe that gender issues and bathrooms should be on a state by state ruling. Then the administration should do the same for the legalization of Marijuana. Many states have voted and clearly in many there was no question what the general population wanted. So now it is time for Washington to stand behind what its actions. Trump ran on the idea of less regulation and allowing states to decide what is right for the state. Now its the time to let it be known the states have spoken and continue to speak very loudly. The moral right is not in the right this is a decision the people are making and our government is for the people not just the wealthy, elite, or the extreme right.  Be aware of the statements recently made by the Press Secretary and if you do not agree it might be time to let your state legislature know your position. Take a look at what was said last week here is a small excerpt click on the link for the full document.

With just a few sentences Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer sent shockwaves through the legal recreational marijuana industry when asked about the Trump administrations attitude toward the drug. “There’s two distinct issues here, there is medical marijuana, and recreational marijuana,” Spicer explained. He said President Trump supports medical marijuana but when it comes to recreational, “I think that’s a question for the Justice Department. I do believe that you’ll see greater enforcement of it.” When Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize recreational pot, the Obama administration chose to leave them alone. In 2013, the Justice Department release the Cole Memo, addressed to all U.S. attorneys, which basically told them to take a hands-off approach to legalization for the time being. The memo said in part, “In jurisdictions that have enacted laws legalizing marijuana in some form … conduct in compliance%

Source: Federal crackdown on legal weed coming? | Fox News

SimplyReliableWeed is a blog following issues and trends in the use of Hemp, Marijuana and other byproducts from their growth. The author of this blog was not a supporter initially on this topic but is educated in agriculture and sees many potential use of these products. Our belief is that it is time to remove this from a scheduled narcotic list, allow research, and treat it more like alcohol and  allow appropriate use by adults and when appropriate supervised usage in minors for medical use.

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