Is CBIS Dead

The death of many good ideas

I began investing in this company on a whim many years ago. Accumulated about 100K shares and like many penny stock traders dreamt of where it could go. Hoping and wishing it would break the 1.00 barrier then 2 to 5 and become a possible real company. Now I can not say for sure if Raymond Dabney really shared the dream or what he is chasing. I hope he will do what is correct and try to fix what appears to be a broken company.

I even recently had an opportunity to talk to Raymond in an attempt to participate in the Ambassador programs. I learned a lot about the man and some of his non-CBIS past and future goals. To avoid the risk of being attacked or sued I will not disclose actual conversation but my personal view is clear that if something does not change the company will potentially die. I participate in their discussion board and see many investors are concerned over the operations and where their stocks are held. I do not blame any of them. The company did not report to the SEC and got delisted.

There have been talks of possible mergers to fix this issue but if you try to push for more information Raymond responds in pretty defensive tones.

I wish the Board of directors would evaluate the companies position and decide if they really want to continue on the missions they have set out to do. Expanding cannabis research in health is a big and potentially wealthy field of action. From the CBIS web site

.. We are dedicated to working closely with local, national and international regulatory agencies to provide access to high quality, first-class cannabinoid pharmaceuticals to those critically in need of new treatments for life-threatening and debilitating conditions. Cannabis Science’s clinical trial material comes from the cultivation and production facilities that are cGMP compliant, surpassing high quality standard industrial and food processing requirements. ..

Wow, powerful stuff. So why not do what it takes to make a difference in the world. You already have investors that put their money where their mouth is why not make the next steps to saving dreams and achieving goals?

Share structure from current web site data:


Common – 3,000,000,000
Common, Class A – 100,000,000
Preferred – 1,000,000

Common – 2,327,855,296
Common, Class A – 0
Preferred – 1,000,000


Securities Transfer Corporation
2901 N Dallas Parkway 
Suite 380 
Plano, Texas 75093
Telephone: (469) 633-0101 ext. 113 
Fax: (469) 633-0088 

Sec Filing none since 2017

Board Members

The current list of members on the website Benjamin C.K. Tam
Raymond C. Dabney
Robert Kane
Dr. Julius Garvey
Jacques P. Walker
Dr. Brylyne Chitsunge
Julia Royall
Melvin P. Foote
Dr. Jermane Bond
Dr. Sulma Mohammed
Additional members that are honored but have passed away include.
Dr. Allen A. Herman
Honerable Ronald C. Dellums
Mario Lap

Goodbye old dream of a company with potential

At the moment the only thing to add would be the potential obituary if the companies’ CFO and directors abandon it. …Here lies an idea to die that seemed good on the surface and has a golden future but unfortunately for this company, something went awry. After getting investors becoming a contractor of the Federal government in 2017 it was beginning to see its future. After the recent launch of its site, it is being left to die. Could the cause of death be greed over conviction?

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