Florida one step closer to recognizing marijuana as medicine.

The biggest hurdle in the Medical usage is getting people to realize there may really be medical benefits. Of course with limited testing this is hard to do.  But, in Florida Gov. Dick Scott has put his signature on the side that it might just be true that Marijuana may have medicinal usage.  He is allowing for the usage of the strain Charlotte’s Web to be used in treating epileptic seizures and other diseases.

Congratulations to Florida and the Governor for taking a stand.  It is apparent that the feelings about Pot have changed drastically over the last few years and it is about time that maybe the Government needs to review its position. Why fight this like prohibition those who want it will still get it. And following prohibition the tax gain on alcohol was incredible. So now we need to see what happens in the state when the Medical Usage vote goes to the voters.  It is going to be a heated issue as law enforcement in the state is investing a lot of resources in demonizing this issue and suggesting that this will be a gateway to an explosion of drug use in the state.  Well maybe its time to wake up and realize we already have an explosion of mind altering additives in the state and it’s not going to change just because we legalize the use of Pot for medical usage.

One thought on this issue is the Government too involved in our private lives? If the usage is not spilling in to the street and affecting others when is it ok do things to ourselves that may be bad for us? Why is it the job of the government to protect us from ourselves?  These are some issues that need to be looked at.

Thoughts on the legalization of marijuana from a non-user.


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